Berlin 2021

Berlin TV tower (Fernsehturm, Germany)
Berlin TV tower (Fernsehturm, Germany)

I visited Germany last year by plane, mainly because I didn’t want to read and follow the regulations of two other countries (France, Belgium) through which the train journey goes (*). Since the flight was on time and entry with an EU passport was very quick (**), I still had a lot of time before the booked ICE departed (to get a cheaper fare). And so I took the opportunity to walk from Alexanderplatz to the Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main station) along Unter den Linden and the government district. I was glad to have reached the train station, the backpack was pressing on my shoulders and my stomach was asking for lunch.

*: Although the price difference also plays a role: It is so sad to see how much more expensive a train journey is compared to a flight.

**: I first thought it might be tight to reach the booked train after walking a long way down the passport control line only to find the end of it. But then someone came through and picked up the people with EU passports, so it took me less than 10 minutes to get through. I had felt a lot of malice for the Brits at that moment (one flight from England and one from Scotland) and thought to myself, that’s what say deserve for Brexit. However, this feeling didn’t feel right, it wasn’t a constructive way to reverse or accept Brexit. I still don’t feel serene about Brexit. Any tips?

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