Dresden 2022

Frauenkirche Dresden, Germany
Frauenkirche Dresden, Germany

During my visit to Germany this spring I also had the chance to visit Dresden. After almost two weeks of warm weather in Europe (which included the time I packed for the trip) it was bitterly cold that day with 2 to 6°C due to a north wind. Even six layers weren’t enough to stay out long. Luckily it was dry. Due to the weather, the city was quite empty, which made sightseeing more pleasant. And the dinner was delicious.

Two wall mosaics/tile paintings can be found close together in Dresden: a socialist version on the Kulturpalast (Der Weg der roten Fahne). and an aristocratic version in the Procession of Princes (Fürstenzug).

Socialistic mosaic at the Kulturpalast (Dresden, Germany)
Schlossplatz Dresden, mit Oberlandesgericht, Fürstenzug und Schloss

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